Signature Chain SIGN coin review & WAVES DEX account set up

SignatureChain – $SIGN

When it comes to data authenticity – Signature Chain (SIGN) on the Waves Blockchain is prepared. With an array of features like Data Certification, E-Mail Certification, Mutual Agreements and much more, this blockchain has every advantage over traditional notaries.

SIGN is truly a blockchain application ready to replace traditional notaries. It is able to perform everything a centralized notary can, except more efficient, without labour and above all, without trust. Signature Chain’s will serve a use to the following types of documents:
– Multi-party Agreements / NDAs
– Medical certificate
– Diplomas
– Invoices
– Concepts / Idea protection
– Patent process
– Digital creation for paternity
– Email Certification
– Proof of ownership

With the mainnet ( being released, the application is already seeing its first steps into adoption with the digital artist Joey Gates certifying his artwork on the SIGN Blockchain. Along with John Nguyen certifying his e-book “Blockchain in the age of decentralization”.

-Mainnet web app released one month ago
-Working product: File Certification, E-Mail Certification, Multi-Party Agreements, Mass Transfers. ( –
-Backed by Waves Labs (Waves funded organization providing funding for legit projects in order to help development)
-Showcased on the Waves Platform site as an official use case for Waves (
-In development since September 2018
-Detailed 49 page whitepaper (
-Public transparent team
-Registered in Hong Kong under Digital Chain Ltd.
-Lead developer has good connections with Waves, he is the lead for Waves France and Waves Philliphines.
-Upcoming side project SIGN Art
-Video demo SIGN Art released by the end of the month

The first digital art platform built on Waves, this will be the most efficient NFT market around for users to choose from thanks to the efficiency of Waves.

Ticker: SIGN
MAX supply: 874.217.423
CIRC supply: 765.779.225
Marketcap: 74K

Explorer Links:

Telegram: @SICA_official

Where to Buy: (KYC)


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